What do you think about these handpans (Sinesama)?

I am completely new to a handpan, but just loved it (not a profesional musician).
The closest place I can buy a handpan and be able to go there for attuning afterwards if something happens is Colombia.
So I found this maker: Sinesama
Here are the examples of their handpans (I could post only 1 link)

3 scales that I liked the most.

F low pygmy

F High Voice Pygmy

D# High Pygmy 8+1

What do you think about the sound quality? Is it really worth 1600$?
I want to order: C# Pygmy
(C#) F# G# A C# E F# G# A
I heard it here:

Do you think the Colombians will be able to make something at least close to that Ayasa makes, judging by the video of them I posted.