Zoom Q8 Recording Issues

Hey MTH Family,

I just bought a Zoom Q8 and experienced some issues with my sound. First my Equipment is the following:

  • Zoom Q8
  • Yamaha MG10XUF
  • Rhode NT-5s

When I plug my Headphones into the Yamaha or the Q8, the sound seems just fine. After I copy the data on my computer, I have some distortion issues, especially when using chords.

Any help is appreciated :smile:

Hi DeeKurd, can you send me a sample of your audio cmtrilhas@gmail.com.
I think maybe your are using too much gain so you probably are recording with distortion

Maybe ur gain levels are too high & it’s clipping?

https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-UHEQDgcED/?igshid=138sosgncwajr Thank you for the quick responses, awesome! You can listen to my test recording here, does this Help?

Sounds great to me… what aren’t u happy with?

The deep chords :sweat_smile: I know that Im a perfectionist…

the audio clips in one or two places, the rest is wonderful, try to change the gain in the zoom

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I’m also using a Q8 and Rode NT5, I don’t experiance any problem, maybe just put the gain down a little. Do you also record with the mics on the camera or did you turn them of?

I usually turn the mics of the camera Off… Have you tried recording with only them when being e.g. outside?

I have used him outside and there was no problem

Yes if your audio is clipping 9/10 its because you have too much gain. Does the camera show you input levels on a meter or screen?

I think I might have some similar issues with my Zoom H4n Pro: the mics seem to work, but looks like the left channel is always picking up more, as the meters show after importing into a computer.