In short: I’m Henrik Øyan, 25, from Norway and Germany. I study Arts and Design Teacher Training, I cook, read, write, and do art in a thousand different forms. I’m generally very exited to be alive.

Long Version :wink:
My name is Henrik Øyan, I’m a 25 year old student from Norway and Germany. I live in Oslo with my fiancée, where I’m studying to become a teacher in Design, Arts and Crafts, with the dream of independently hosting courses and classes in all the creative domains that I am exploring.

I have worked as a cook, an architectural assistant, and as a hospital porter. On a regular basis I love exploring different artforms - writing, painting, drawing, sculpting, woodworking, ceramics, textile art, sewing, botany, photography, digital art & animation, and music.

My handpan journey began over ten years ago - my sister showed me a video of Daniel Waples playing in a subway tunnel, and I immediately fell in love with the instrument.
At that point I had played the Baritone Horn, the Cello, and the Bass Guitar, but I had never felt fully and completely in tune with them. When I saw and heard the Hang for the first time, I knew, that was the instrument for me!
And so, being young and not particularly economically involved, I waited, and life went on. Until a couple years ago, when I began saving up money for my dream instrument - and the race was on!
Last year, I had reached my savings goal, and I ordered a beautiful D-Minor Handpan from Saraz - and received it some months later.

I have been playing and exploring this magic sound sculpture since I received it, and I am completely and fully in love! Recently, this spring, I enrolled in David’s courses on MastertheHandpan, and I am practicing and following along every opportunity I get.
My biggest challenges have been rhythm - particularly sticking to a beat. I am easily distracted, and my music is inherently whimsical and fleeting. With the Handpan, this is not a problem, but I would still like to be able to have a solid rhythm at the core of my wandering melodies, as a centre to return to, so as to not get lost in the waves.

If you are reading about me here, thank you for taking your time to involve yourself in the complexities of another Being, far away, and please, send me a little message, so we can talk and share some experiences! I’m very fond of writing, but I have never involved myself much with online social media, as I’ve found it to lack purpose. Here, however, purpose is central, and I’m eager to be a part of this community!